Coniugatio Secunda

The Second Conjugation Tool: Imperfect Subjunctive

Fill in the blanks in the usual manner. Click on the check button -- correct answers will be greyed out. If you prefer a more passive form of learning, skip to the hints below.

Active Voice

"I should x" "They should x," etc.

terrere - be strong

Passive Voice

"I should be xed" "They should be xed," etc.

terrere - be strong

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Ed Donnelly


Mouse over for hints. IE users will have to double-click at the words to see them (due to deficiencies in IE). Probably you should consider getting a modern browser such as firefox.

terrere - be strong
terrerem terreremus
terreres terreretis
terreret terrerent
terrerer terreremur
terrereris terreremini
terreretur terrerentur