Ancient Greek Numerology

The Numbers and Symbols
alpha1α Α
beta2β Β
gamma3γ Γ
delta4δ Δ
epsilon5ε Ε
digamma6ϝ Ϝ
zeta7ζ Ζ
eta8η Η
theta9θ Θ
iota10ι Ι
kappa20κ Κ
lambda30λ Λ
mu40μ Μ
nu50ν Ν
xi60ξ Ξ
omicron70ο Ο
pi80π Π
qoppa90ϙ Ϙ
rho100ρ Ρ
sigma200σ Σ
tau300τ Τ
upsilon400υ Υ
phi500φ Φ
chi600χ Χ
psi700ψ Ψ
omega800ω Ω
sampi900ϡ Ϡ

Ancient Greek Tools

Ed Donnelly